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By Kasia Pankowska

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This is fresh off the press, Wynn Las Vegas just announced they will install Amazon Echo in each of their rooms over the coming months. Guests will now be able to control the TV, lighting, temperature, etc., using voice commands. 

We are sure voice recognition will become bread and butter shortly, but not quite yet. First, there will be all sorts of issues to iron out in terms of data protection (are you sure you want the hotel to know what’s on your Amazon wish list?), privacy (Echo is always on, listening…), security (how sure are you your history will be properly wiped before the next guest check-in?). 

Don’t get me wrong, this will happen, but it’s more a prediction for 2018, so watch this space next year. 

For the time being, here at Stay Planner, we thought it might be a better idea to make the most of the technology your guests are already using. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we are working to integrate Stay Planner with Siri and Google Now voice commands. This way, we can give you all the benefits at no additional cost and no risk of pulling your guests out of their comfort zone. 

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