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By Kasia Pankowska

It looks like I might have underestimated Gen X! 

I always thought (and often mentioned this in our blogs here), that it's the Millennials who were born with smartphones in their hands and who are somewhat addicted to staying connected. 

But, it seems like Gen Xers are actually consuming tech just as much or more! 

A 'Social Media Report' recently published by Nielsen found that, surprisingly, Gen Xers spend almost an hour per day longer on social media than The Millennials do!

The report also highlights a massive shift in the devices we are using, with a PC losing out to tablets and smartphones across all demographics. 

Travel ranks high on the list of things social media users are browsing and buying online. In the past 12 months, 27% of them bought airline tickets online and 25% made other travel reservations such as hotel bookings or renting a car. 

So, it seems Gen Xers crave to use apps to sort out any details of their travel as much as the Millennials do. Which bodes very well for travel app adoption rates across the spectrum! 

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