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The Millennials are here. Born between 1980-2000 they are the largest generation to date - there are 79 million of them in the US alone. Here is what you need to know about them and why it is important to make sure your hotel or travel business is ready to cater to their needs and wants.<

This blog is based on a report recently published by Expedia and a discussion facilitated during the 2017 Millennial 20/20, a conference dedicated to the future of next generation commerce. 

Who is the Millennial traveler?

  • 86% travel to experience a new culture

  • 82% consider online travel reviews important

  • 84% reported user-generated content has more influence on what they purchase than adverts

  • 76% decided on a travel location based on recommendations from friends

What are their habits?

  • They use their mobile devices for everything: 49% book travel on their phones and tablets

  • They rely on online feedbacks: 74% search for travel related information on mobile devices

  • They want to stay connected throughout their journey: 60% pay for in-flight WiFi

  • They are connected: 94% use Facebook

  • They want to share their experiences with friends: 66% post updates at least once a day 

The power of loyalty

  • They shop around: 85% check multiple travel sites to make sure they get the best deal

  • But 41% joined a loyalty program because it was easy to enroll 

  • And 68% are loyal to the program where they have the most rewards accumulated such as cash/freebies, discounts, VIP upgrades, extra amenities 

The Millennials vs previous generations

  • 75% of millennials have travel apps on their phones compared to 47% of previous generations

  • 36% use self check-in and check-out compared to 19%

  • 58% prefer to travel with friends compared to 38%

Marketing to the Millennials

  • Mobile is King: travel-related search queries grew by 43% on mobile since 2015

  • Experiential travel & your ability to help guest make the most of their stay is key

  • Businesses must invest in mobile technologies to capture millennial audience

  • Businesses must be prepared to explore new ways to take advance of millennials’ spontaneity

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