Stay Planner In-Room Tablet Apps

Stay Planner is a bespoke digital concierge platform that offers your guests the next level of vacation planning. It’s designed to allow your guests to browse and book activities and services 24/7, in multiple languages, on any device. Install it on the in-room tablet of your choice, and Stay Planner can be used to stream personalized music playlists, provide individual greetings, and inform guests about weather forecasts and other local conditions. Let’s take a brief look at what else you can expect:

Custom and branded

Improve loyalty by offering your own, custom app that serves only your content


The app and its branding are highly customisable, and can be used to stream personalised music playlists and provide individual greetings

Weather forecasts

The app can provide up-to-the-minute information on local weather conditions

Smart room support

Smart room and multimedia controls can be enabled via the app

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