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Stay Planner is a bespoke digital concierge service that’s designed to allow your guests to browse and book activities and services 24/7, in multiple languages, on any device. When you choose to offer Stay Planner as a universal app for your guests’ devices, you’ll enjoy a high rate of adoption and an even higher degree of customisation, while giving your guests a service that works equally well inside or outside the hotel network – all on a device that they’re already comfortable using. Here’s what else you can expect:

High adoption

Rates of adoption are higher for the universal app than for the branded app

One-time download

Needs to be downloaded only once, leading to higher adoption rates

Before and after

The app can be used before arriving and after leaving, to plan the stay and build loyalty


The app and its branding are designed to be highly customisable

Go anywhere

The app can be used outside of the hotel’s network, letting hotels support guests when they are out and about as well as take orders for when they return

All access

Guests can access their electronic tickets and itinerary, and contact the hotel anytime and from anywhere


The app makes the most of Beacon technology, supporting beach and pool service in the process

Smart room support

Smart room and multimedia controls can be enabled via the app

Social-media enabled

Guests can easily view and share the details of their stays

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