Beach hotel and resorts

Stay Planner’s flexibility is designed to help you improve business – no matter what kind of business you run. Managing a large resort comes with its own unique set of challenges. How does Stay Planner simultaneously help increase revenue and delight guests?

Eliminate queues

By letting your guests access all available information while browsing and booking extra activities on their mobile devices, you make sure they spend their time relaxing and enjoying your facilities instead of queuing at reception.

Reduce operating costs

Guests love Stay Planner for keeping them informed about activities 24/7 in any language they choose. Let's face it, no matter how fantastic your front office team is, your guests would prefer to spend their time on the beach rather than asking questions. 

Increase sales

If some of the services you provide are not selling as well as they should be, Stay Planner lets you react by sending push notifications to particular groups of guests.

Harness the power of analytics

Our analytics tool gives your staff the ability to further personalise each interaction with your guests and build more meaningful relationships – with Stay Planner, your staff will know which activities a guest has been looking at and what they ordered during previous stays. 

Tap new revenue streams

Chances are, you already work with local business who provide services to your guests. You can share Stay Planner with them to make their services easily available to your guests. Not only will you get control over the content they share with your guests, you can easily run reports to see how many times particular bookings were made, increasing booking fees in the process.

Communicate better

Imagine being able to send a notification to all your guests with one click. With Stay Planner, it’s possible – just as it’s possible to send a message to all guests in a particular group or even just a few selected rooms at once. What’s more, you can also stream customized content to your guests’ devices, and we have a live chat service coming in Q4 of 2016.

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