Villas and cottages

We will help you connect with guests and dazzle them with additional activities they can browse and book anytime, anywhere, in any language, for a truly five-star experience. All the while helping you increase revenues and ensure repeat bookings.


Stay in touch with guests prior, during and after their stay to support them throughout the journey. 

Reduce operating costs

Guests love Stay Planner for keeping them informed about activities 24/7 in any language they choose. Let's face it, no matter how fantastic your front office team is, your guests would prefer to spend their time on the beach rather than asking questions. 

Increase revenues

Boat charters, private chefs, guided tours. Easily upsell high-margin concierge services your team and local partners provide.

Harness the power of analytics

Our analytics tool gives your staff the ability to further personalise each interaction with your guests and build more meaningful relationships – with Stay Planner, your staff will know which activities a guest has been looking at and what they ordered during previous stays. 

Free your staff

No more printing, less calls and putting out fires. Free your staff to provide value-adding services.

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