Stay Planner’s goal is to average guest spend through the effective use of technology

Stay Planner’s goal is to increase customer satisfaction and average guest spend through the effective use of technology. Right from the word go, you’ll notice that Stay Planner’s Cloud-based technology makes for a much faster and easier rollout than traditional vendors. There’s no irritating wait and no bottomless consulting fees –installation can be done “right out of the box” with little or no hassle! Stay Planner begins working for you before your guests book their stay, and it keeps on building their loyalty even after they check out – extending the length of time that you have to engage with them and making upselling easier.

Detailed info

Stay Planner provides detailed information on all your services, around the clock and in any language

High technology

Stay Planner harnesses sophisticated analytics to track the services your guests are looking at, create offers based on their interests, and send “push notifications” that increase average guest spend. Click here to learn how it’s done!

Pinpointed preferences

Our app views a guest’s history, analysing the activities they’ve enjoyed the most and tailoring suggestions for them when they return


Stay Planner harnesses innovative Beacon technology to help you understand patterns of behaviour and inform your guests of new offers and services in the places they visit the most, making upselling simple

Easy partnerships

Stay Planner creates an additional revenue stream by opening the system to partners or local attractions that you approve

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