Stay Planner enhances two way communication

Unlike most digital concierge services, Stay Planner was designed from the ground up to enhance two-way communication, meaning that it’s equally simple for a hotel, resort, or partner business to notify guests about special offers as it is for guests to enquire about more information – even if guests happen to be away from the hotel/business network. On top of that, the app lets you engage with guests on their smartphones and tablets before, during, and after their stay, based on what you know about their habits and preferences.

Reach out

Push notifications let you reach your guests instantly, wherever they are.


Stay Planner is designed to work in any language, reducing the need for multilingual staff. 

Know your guests

In-app messages and notifications keep costs down and improve communication, and our innovative live chat service is coming soon in Q4 of 2016!

Send the right message

Stay Planner keeps communication costs down by letting you instantly contact one, several, or all guests at a time. 

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