Stay Planner enhances the guest experience

Stay Planner enhances the guest experience in a wide variety of innovative ways. By downloading the Stay Planner app on their smartphones and tablets in advance, customers open up a world of possibilities.


Guests can browse all the activities you and your approved partners have to offer and build a customized itinerary that’s perfect for them, while also receiving tailored special offers and reminders before activities. This also allows plenty of advance time to upsell activities that guests may not have considered, based on the activities they’ve already looked at and signed up for. 

Building relationships

Stay Planner functions as a true digital concierge, letting you greet and serve each guest on an individual basis and confidently book third-party activities that you recommend.

Analytics and feedback

Stay Planner’s innovative analytics allows a business to build a customized profile of each guest, learn about what interests them, and suggest activities that will make their stay an unforgettable one. What’s more, when guests return you can use their feedback to pinpoint the activities they enjoyed the most and make suggestions accordingly. 


Unlike many e-concierge services, Stay Planner isn’t limited to in-room tablets, so your guests can be in touch 24/7, in any language, on their own devices. 


Stay Planner is flexible enough to work for hotels, managed properties, travel companies of any size and with any clientele.

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